2019 BGBD Competition– Baby Category (Age 3-7)


2019 BGBD Oriental Dance Competition -Baby Category (Age 3-7)

Categories to sign up:

CD Solo USD 60 (NT. 1,800)

CD Group USD 100/Group ( NT. 3,000/ Group)

Live Orchestra USD 80 ( NT. 2,500)

No fire, sprinkling, or confetti on site

No filming or sound recording during competition 



Participant’s Info*

Level of Dancing Skill*

Beginner: Learning Oriental dancing within 1 year
Advanced: Learning Oriental dancing over 1 year, or top 3 places winner in previous competitions

Music Type (Multiple Choice)*

Solo Dance Style

+ NT$1,800
+ NT$1,800
+ NT$1,800
+ NT$1,800
+ NT$1,800
+ NT$1,800

Solo Dance Info

Please email your “passport copy, personal photo, song title,and music file (.mp3)”

Music Play Type*

Group Dance Style

Sign up by one representative of the group

+ NT$3,000
+ NT$3,000
+ NT$3,000
+ NT$3,000
+ NT$3,000
+ NT$3,000

Group Dance Info.

Please email “passport copy of each member, group photo, song title, and music file (.mp3)” of your group

Music Play Type*

Live Orchestra Dance Style

+ NT$2,500
+ NT$2,500
+ NT$2,500
+ NT$2,500

Live Orchestra Dance info.

Please email your “passport copy, personal photo, and song title”

Makeup & Hair Service*

Product price:
Additional options total:
Order total:


Date of BGBD Competition

10 August, 2019


Competition Method

  • Two categories: “CD Category(Solo / Group)” and “Live Orchestra ( Solo Only)”

  • Details about “Dance Style, Age, Qualifications, Time Limitations… etc.,” please see the tables as below.

  • Solo Competitor who won the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in the competed dance style of  his/ her age division, will obtain extra points respectively:

     20 Points for the 1st / 10 Points for the 2nd /  5 Points for the 3rd


BGBD Championship Qualification

  • Solo Dance Competitor

  • Sign up in at least 3 different Dance Style

  • The one who obtains extra points by wining the top 3 places in different dance styles, and get the highest score after adding up all points, will be the champion in his/ her age division.


Sign Up Deadline

Until 15 July, 2019

§ In order to improve the technique of dancing and Arabic culture in dancers selves, it is required to attend at least one workshop if the contestant only sign up for the competition. §

Sign  Up Contact


Line ID: bossadance

Facebook: Bossa Dance

Competition Venue

Platinum Hotel  (No. 77 Anxing Road, Hsindian Dist., New Taipei City)



  • Once the registration procedure is completed, the registration fee is not refundable.
  • No cross registration on the “Professional” and “Amateur” Categories at the same time.
  • The participants should confirm the time, category, order, and music on registration at counter.
  • Music of all categories are limited to 3 minutes (including entry and exit), and it will be stopped playing if over time.
  • The participants who are absent from calling over 3 times will be deemed to forfeit the competition without objection.  
  • In order to protect the intellectual rights of the performers, no video and sound recording, or photo shooting during the competition.
  • The participants shout acquire the music playing rights by themselves. The BGBD organizer is not responsible for any disputes resulting from the copyrights.
  • If the award winner is not qualified, or identified as using false personal information, the title will be eliminated and the award should be returned back, and the person is also responsible for the damage on the organizer’s reputation and administrative process. The award will be distributed to the follow-up winner.
  • The participants should agree to assign the “Copyright” and the “Portrait Rigts” to the organizer without asking for payment, and disclaim the “Moral Rights” to the organizer. All the participants and his legal representatives are regarded as agreeing to this condition.
  • The participants can sign for purchasing the performing video or photos at organizer. In order to protect the intellectual rights, the video is only provided to the performers themselves.
  • The organizer can modify the regulations at any time if any item is unclear.